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Occlusion splints

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Occlusion splints, also known as bite splints, are dental appliances that fit over specific teeth in a row of jaws and are used to treat various problems. They are custom-made to ensure a precise fit and effective treatment.

Application areas:

Bite splints are often used to treat bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), relieve temporomandibular joint problems, and aid in treating facial and jaw muscle tension. They can also treat headaches and neck pain associated with dental problems.


The primary function of the bite splint is to place the jaws in a neutral, less stressful position, thereby reducing stress on the temporomandibular joint and jaw muscles. In the case of bruxism, they prevent direct contact between the upper and lower teeth, reduce wear and protect tooth enamel.

Material and design:

Occlusion splints are usually made of durable plastic. They can be worn over partial areas (e.g., the front tooth region) of the upper or lower teeth and are designed according to the patient’s needs.

Wearing time and care:

A bite splint’s length and exact wearing times vary depending on the individual diagnosis and treatment plan. They are often worn at night, but in some cases, daytime use may also be recommended. Ultimately, the goal would be to break the habit of straining with the help of the splint. Regular cleaning of the rail is essential to ensure hygienic conditions.

Occlusion splints are an essential aid. They can significantly contribute to alleviating symptoms, protecting teeth and improving jaw function.

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