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Septorhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that combines both correction of the nasal septum (septoplasty) and reshaping of the external nose (rhinoplasty). This procedure treats both functional and aesthetic problems of the nose.


Septorhinoplasty is performed to correct breathing problems caused by a deviated (curved) nasal septum while improving the external appearance of the nose. It may be indicated for patients who have both difficulty breathing and dissatisfaction with the shape of their nose.


During septorhinoplasty, the nasal septum is first straightened to improve nasal breathing. Changes to the nasal structure then occur, including both bony and cartilaginous parts of the nose. This may include reducing nasal bumps, changing the tip of the nose, or adjusting the width and height of the nose.

Successful septorhinoplasty can significantly improve both nasal breathing and cosmetic appearance. This, in turn, can positively impact the patient’s overall quality of life, self-confidence and sleep.

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