What added value does an interdisciplinary sleep consultation offer for snoring patients?

Medicine as a team: Your sleep benefits from the combined expertise in sleep medicine, ENT, dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery

Our unique interdisciplinary snoring consultation at the Fluntern Medical Center, which integrates the medical fields of sleep medicine, ear, nose and throat medicine (ORL), dentistry and maxillo-facial surgery, makes sense because snoring is often multifactorial. This means that various causes from different medical areas can contribute.

The key reasons why an interdisciplinary approach makes sense are as follows:

  1. Complex multifactorial causes: Snoring and other breathing-related sleep disorders such as sleep apnea are usually triggered by various factors. These include anatomical peculiarities in the upper area of ​​the respiratory tract, sleeping position, weight gain, muscular problems, alcohol consumption, medication, smoking, jaw and tooth misalignments. Each aspect requires an assessment that is as specialist as possible and, if necessary, treatment. Only when all causes are identified can individual therapy be adjusted accordingly.
  2. Holistic view: Our interdisciplinary consultation allows specialists from different areas to carry out a holistic assessment of the patient together. The individual aspects that contribute to snoring can be analyzed in professional, collegial exchanges.
  3. Effective treatment approaches: By working together with specialists from the Fluntern Medical Center for snoring and sleep apnea from different disciplines, the different therapeutic approaches can be combined to jointly develop the best possible treatment for our patients. This primarily includes conservative, but also possibly surgical treatment approaches. Treatment options are discussed in the patient consultation.
  4. Better patient care: Our coordinated interdisciplinary consultations enable efficient collaboration between specialists. In addition to assured high quality standards, patients benefit from a time- and resource-saving approach. The assessments by the specialists are carried out immediately one after the other so that the best individual treatment can begin as quickly as possible. If necessary, you have the option of making an appointment at short notice in the in-house sleep laboratory for further examinations.
  5. Avoiding misdiagnoses: Since snoring and other breathing-related sleep disorders such as sleep apnea can have various causes, an interdisciplinary approach can help avoid misdiagnoses. By collaborating between experts from different disciplines, all possible causes are taken into account, resulting in a more precise diagnosis.

In summary, our interdisciplinary snoring consultation helps to better understand the complexity of snoring and other breathing-related sleep disorders and to offer our patients individually tailored treatment to improve their quality of life and minimize possible health risks. One appointment, three specialists: Our patients benefit from the opportunity to consult experts from different areas in one session at the Fluntern Medical Center.

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