How important is nasal breathing?

Nose and mouth breathing are not equivalent

The importance of nasal breathing for our health cannot be overestimated. The nose, our primary organ for breathing, performs several vital functions: it filters, humidifies and warms the air we breathe, protecting us from pathogens and environmental pollutants. The hair and mucous membranes in the nose are the first defenders against particles that could otherwise enter our lungs unhindered.

Mouth breathing is less healthy

What is less known is that mouth breathing, which often occurs when nasal breathing is impaired, is less beneficial to health. It can disrupt the delicate balance between oxygen and carbon dioxide in the blood. Such an imbalance can lead to over-breathing, which reduces the body’s carbon dioxide levels and can impair the oxygen supply to the cells. The consequences can be exhaustion and decreased resistance to stress. Another aspect of mouth breathing is the lack of moisture and the resulting drying out of the mouth and throat. This is not only uncomfortable but can also cause tooth decay.

Nasal breathing is important for a good night’s sleep

The importance of nasal breathing continues even during sleep. It helps to regulate the breathing rhythm and is, therefore, crucial for undisturbed sleep. Sleep disorders such as snoring and sleep apnea are often associated with nasal breathing problems and can have far-reaching health consequences, including an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.

Nasal breathing is essential when exercising

Efficient nasal breathing is crucial to your sporting success. The nose filters humidifies and warms our air, optimizes oxygen intake and minimizes respiratory irritation. A controlled breathing technique supports a consistent rhythm, especially in endurance sports. In addition, nasal breathing promotes the stimulation of nitric oxide and improves blood circulation and, thus, the supply of oxygen to the muscles. 

In addition, breathing through the nose has a calming effect and is a central component in relaxation exercises, which promotes emotional well-being.

Nasal breathing is essential when speaking

In addition, nasal breathing is vital for speech formation and quality. Our nasal passages act as resonance chambers that give our voice its sound. Obstructed nasal breathing can affect our voice quality and clear pronunciation, making it challenging to communicate with others.


If you have trouble breathing through your nose, it’s essential not to ignore it. Modern diagnostics and treatment methods, such as those offered in our policlinic, can relieve and significantly improve your quality of life. We specialize in identifying the causes of breathing problems and offering practical solutions that consider both function and, where appropriate, aesthetics.

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