When does a nose clip work?

About the effectiveness of nasal dilators and nasal supports

One method that is often discussed for improving breathing is nose clips. These non-invasive aids can have a supportive effect in certain situations.

Main purpose: improve air circulation

A nasal clip is inserted into the nose, and applies gentle but firm pressure to the inner walls of the nasal passages. The goal is to expand this and thus improve air circulation. Made from skin-friendly and flexible materials, the brace adapts to the individual shape of the nose and can, therefore, do its job almost unnoticed. The gentle correction of slight deviations in shape is an additional bonus that can also appeal to aesthetic sensibilities. The wearing time varies depending on individual needs and adaptability – some users only wear them at night, others also during the day.

Nose clips are used in different situations:

  • To relieve snoring: In some cases, nasal dilators (like the Noson brace) can help keep the nasal passages open, making breathing easier while you sleep. This can be an effective solution for people with mild snoring due to narrowed nasal passages.
  • Post-surgical support:  After rhinoplasty or other nasal procedures, nose clips help stabilize the nose’s new structure during the healing process and minimize swelling.
  • For Athletes: Athletes sometimes use nose clips to improve their breathing during intense physical exertion. The braces can improve air circulation and make breathing easier by slightly widening the nostrils.

A measure only for minor complaints

Nose clips are not helpful for more severe breathing problems or sleep apnea. However, the nose clip can efficiently solve minor nose problems.

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