What can I do about my excruciating facial pain?

Options for treating nerve injuries after an accident

Nerve damage in the facial area can lead to severe symptoms such as hypersensitivity and extreme stabbing pain that can be triggered by even light touch. There are various treatment options to get these problems under control.


One of the first treatment options for nerve pain in the face is medication with a nerve-regenerating effect. Another possibility is medications that were initially developed to treat epilepsy but which are also used to treat nerve damage due to their pain-relieving properties. They can help dampen nerve overactivity and thus reduce the perception of pain.

Surgical solutions for mechanical causes

Sometimes nerve pain is the result of mechanical problems, such as pinched nerves caused by bone fragments or screws inserted for stabilization after fractures. In such cases, surgical intervention may be necessary to free the nerves. This can be done by removing or adjusting screws and plates to relieve pressure on the nerves.

Targeted radiation therapy

Radiosurgery may represent an alternative treatment method in cases where surgical exposure of the nerves is not possible or unsuccessful. We work with colleagues in neurosurgery, using precise radiation to specifically treat nerve tissue responsible for transmitting pain. This method can provide effective pain relief, particularly for trigeminal neuralgia, a form of facial pain triggered by light touch.

We know that dealing with facial nerve pain can be challenging. Therefore, we offer advanced treatment methods and comprehensive care and support throughout the healing process.

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