When should I have an eyelid lift?

The right time for blepharoplasty depends on your personal feeling

Drooping eyelids, medically known as ptosis, can impair the aesthetic appearance and limit the field of vision or lead to increased fatigue. But when is the right time for surgical correction?

Restriction of quality of life

The decision to surgically correct droopy eyelids should be based on careful consideration of personal complaints and limitations. In particular, if drooping eyelids lead to a significant restriction of the field of vision, make daily work more difficult, cause recurring headaches due to strenuous frowning, or the eyes tire quickly, a surgical solution should be considered because such impairments also lead to an increased safety risk during activities, that require total concentration, such as driving a car.

Aesthetic aspects

Optical aesthetics is essential for many patients when deciding on a surgical eyelid correction. Droopy eyelids can give you a constantly tired look and thus affect your self-image and social perception. When patients report reduced self-esteem or feel that their external appearance does not match their internal vitality, this can strongly motivate blepharoplasty.

Exploit conservative methods

As a first step, it makes sense to consider less invasive options. These include eyelid lifts with creams to improve skin elasticity and, if necessary, injection therapies to tighten the skin.

Having drooping eyelids surgically corrected is a highly personal choice that should guide your specific complaints and aesthetic ideas. In addition, there is the professional assessment of your treating doctor, who will make a tailor-made recommendation after a thorough examination. In our polyclinic, we attach great importance to providing comprehensive advice and working with you to develop a treatment plan that fulfils your visual wishes and increases your well-being.

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