What is a beautiful nose?

The aesthetics of a beautiful nose: an insight from facial surgery

The nose, centrally located on the face, plays a crucial role in the harmonious balance of our appearance. But what makes a nose “beautiful”? This question is often asked, but the answer is more complex than one might imagine. In the world of facial surgery, we encounter a wide variety of nose shapes and sizes every day, and each has its beauty.

Aesthetic dimensions

A “beautiful” nose is primarily harmonious with the other facial features. Proportions play an essential role here. Ideal relationships, as often highlighted in classical art, are a guide, but beauty is subjective and shaped differently across cultures.

Our policlinic emphasises that a beautiful nose should reflect the individual’s individuality. Trends come and go, but a nose that considers a person’s personality remains timelessly beautiful.

Health aspects

It is also important to mention that a nose should be healthy above all, as this is crucial to your quality of life. When performing aesthetic rhinoplasty, we always take the functional aspects into account.

As a facial surgeon, I approach the concept of a beautiful nose holistically. Modern techniques allow me to make subtle changes that have a significant impact without losing the authenticity of the face. Our goal is to achieve natural results that will make you smile when you look in the mirror.

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