What helps better with jaw joint problems: a splint or physiotherapy?

In many cases, the combination leads to success

Two methods of treating temporomandibular joint problems are often discussed: occlusion splints and physiotherapy. Both approaches have their merits and offer different advantages depending on the diagnosis.

Dental splints: Silent night, quiet joint

Custom-made dental aligners are a blessing for those who suffer from night-time teeth grinding, known as bruxism. These occlusion splints are tailor-made aids precisely tailored to the patient’s dental arch to correct jaw misalignments. Worn overnight, they separate the chewing surfaces, thereby reducing pressure on the jaw joint and reducing overuse of the muscles. This protective mechanism not only significantly minimizes wear on the teeth but also promotes a relaxed jaw position. In the long term, this can lead to a significant decrease in pain and improved sleep quality.

Physiotherapy: exercise as medicine

Physiotherapy offers a dynamic approach to treating TMJ problems. Its goal is to realign the jaw joint and improve its functionality, which can significantly reduce pain symptoms.

The activating exercises aim to increase the strength and coordination of the jaw muscles. In contrast, passive techniques such as gentle stretches and mobilizations aim to relieve tension and increase mobility. With targeted massages, hardened muscle areas are loosened again.

Double is often better

Every patient is unique, and so is the reaction to therapeutic measures. The choice between dental braces and physical therapy is not just a matter of preference but must be based on a thorough diagnosis.

My clinical practice has shown that the combination of splint therapy and targeted physiotherapeutic techniques often delivers the best results: While the splint offers protection, especially at night, physiotherapy promotes movement and strengthening of the jaw joint during the day.

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